Internet Emirates Group

The ICANN global granted international recognition of the Emirates Internet Group

The Organization ICANN global policy-making Supreme bands Internet and Internet addresses figures granting international recognition to a UAE official Emirates Internet Group. The purpose of the certificate is to recognize that the organization meets the criteria necessary to include all Internet users at the local level Oomstoi Internet issues. Said Mr. Sulaiman Al-Ansari, Deputy Executive Director of the Emirates Internet Group will be an Advisory Committee expanded voting on the issues affecting the use of the Internet for individuals ranges Internet and active participation in issues affecting the future of the Internet as a group entitled to the election of the board of directors ICANN Organization. One of the most important tasks of the group is the awareness of key issues such as Internet resources and guidance on how to implement bands Internet in several languages which is called Project / DE that any / and how to establish and define the highest echelon of the Internet / Ji RTL de Lucy CNN RTL DE / and how to manage and implement the draft the Internet addresses and make sure there are enough titles unique to the Internet and can grow without any restrictions or instability along with the work of the sixth version of the Internet addresses / ABB on 6 / addition to the Emirates Internet Group will be the UAE in international meetings to be held every four months

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Emirates Internet Group


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