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Chairman of the Federal National Council will meet Emirates Internet Group

HE Abdullah Aziz met President Marmot Federal National Council in his office on Thursday at the branch of the Secretariat of the Council of Dubai Professor Khalid bin Thani, chairman of the Emirates Internet Group for a summary of the achievements and objectives set by the UAE crystallized around service Internet users and encourage them to use the web properly and develop their talents and abilities, and expressed his happiness at the initiative of the group and submitted during the first year, which started in March 2006, Professor Khalid bin Thani on behalf of the members of the UAE dedicated HE Aziz Marmot special web site contains biography by talking about the achievements of happiness in English and Arabic, the meeting was attended by both d. Amal Abdallah Juma Karam Qubeisi, HE Abdullah Ahmad Salem Ali Al-Shehhi, and Ben-Thani said the meeting gesture and a catalyst for a group to make every effort to lay the foundations of its mission


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