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TRA Honors Internet Emirates Group

Administration revealed the names of the scope of the Internet / NAI MDA / in the General Authority for regulating the telecommunications sector in the UAE for a new initiative includes grants / 50 / location the UAE is a distinct sites under the names of any scope of any one-year free .. In order to encourage them to use a national scale and to highlight the UAE's identity on the Internet.
TRA Honors  Internet  Emirates Group
It was agreed between the TRA and the Emirates Internet Group that the management of Internet domain names to cover the costs of registration / 50 / an electronic address under the symbol NAI for a period of one year and that the Emirates Group of the Internet to choose Web sites that qualify for the grant. HE Mohammed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director General said in a statement on the occasion that the TRA so as to ensure participation in the field of social responsibility and support for sites young Emirati on the Internet has decided to honor these sites and that granting registration domain name NAI for the entire year that you Emirates Internet Group developed criteria for selecting websites that qualify for the grant. He also said \ "The goal is to encourage everyone in the UAE companies and individuals to use a national scale NAI for being a symbol of the identity of the UAE on the web \". For his part, Khaled Bin Al Thani, Chairman of Emirates Internet Group and head of the Arab Federation of Societies of the Internet .. Pleased that we have this important service to the scope of the national of the UAE for the promotion of the country name on the Internet \ ". He explained that there are many benefits to using a national scale NAI compared to ranges other is most important to highlight the identity of the UAE and a large number of names attractive available for registration under Domain NAI, which is impossible to get them under other domain such as / com /. He added that the criteria for the granting of domain names for websites are divided into two categories where the grant of domain names / NAI / for websites wishing to switch from another domain such as com to NAI in addition to the second category The category of young men and women who wish to create new positions and take into account the idea of the site and its objectives.


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