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The signing of a cooperation agreement with the Association of Down syndrome Down

And signed the Emirates Association for Down Syndrome and the Emirates Internet Group, a Memorandum of Understanding, which aims to promote the principle of community partnership, in the service category with Down syndrome, and their integration in the sectors of society, signed the agreement Sonia Al Hashimi, Chairman of the Emirates Association for Down Syndrome, and Adnan al-Khatib, CEO of Emirates Internet on behalf of the head of the group Khalid bin Thani, Chairman of the group. The Sonia-Hashimi to the Assembly sought through communication with institutions, governmental and private bodies and associations of public interest on the disabled, to disseminate a clear message, namely, that the disabled unable to work and integrate with those around him.

The Sonia-Hashemi, there because the need to join hands together to give him this opportunity, stressing that the promotion of the wise leadership of the attention of welfare of disabled persons, is a clear evidence of their faith, the ability of the disabled in the service of society, and the need for integration in various fields.

She commended the Chairman of the Emirates Association for Down Syndrome memorandum of cooperation, noting that it will lead to strengthening the skills of students with Down syndrome, and servicing of the Assembly in technical matters, in addition to conducting and their contribution to strengthening the skills of our children with Down syndrome in the use of the computer, as well as experiences of other group experiences they will receive in computer science.

The agreement stated that the Emirates Internet Group to supervise the training Oedaoualjmaip technical, Otkadim applications in the field of information technologies can be in addition to free training courses to be presented to a group of over ten years. Attended the signing of a memorandum of understanding Thurs Thurs Secretary-General of the Assembly, and Adnan al-Khatib, CEO of the group, on behalf of the head of the group, Mohammed Khatib Executive Advisor to the Emirates Group for the Internet.


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